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FinTech and the Future of Quant Finance

November 2021

The story of FinTech in the financial markets reaches far back into market history, but the scope and pace of the evolution taking place today is exciting. Find out more in this article.

Understanding the Assumptions and Limitations Embedded in Your Models

November 2021

CQF Alumnus, Subhrajit Banerjee, discusses his career journey and the important skills he learned along the way.

Congratulations to the January 2021 CQF Graduates

November 2021

The Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) is excited to introduce a new cohort of graduates.

Quant Squared: Quantum Computing in Quant Finance

September 2021

There has been a lot of talk about quantum computing, but what is it, how does it fit into quant finance, and what do experts say about it?

Benefits of doing a Quantitative Finance Course

September 2021

As global financial markets become more complex, discover how the the CQF could help you refresh your skills and progress your career.

Q&A with a Quant: David Feng Xue

July 2021

Almost 15 years ago, David Feng Xue took the plunge and transitioned into financial derivatives, quantitative modelling, and trading. We spoke to David to find out about his life as a quant in Singapore.

The Evolution of Machine Learning for Quantitative Finance

May 2021

The use of advanced tech in finance is as old as the markets themselves, but over recent years, interest in machine learning has grown.

Q&A with a Quant: Arijit Das

May 2021

With a varied career as a quant, Arijit Das moved two years ago to the sell side to oversee model validation & model risk (MRM) at a leading US bank. We spoke to Arijit to find out about his life as a quant in Mumbai. 

The Importance of Machine Learning for Risk Management

April 2021

Explore how Machine Learning is used for Risk Management and discover more about how it works.

Congratulations to the June 2020 CQF Graduates

April 2021

The Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) is proud to introduce the largest cohort of CQF graduates to date.