Celebrating Two Decades of Educational Excellence: Wilmott Magazine Dedicates November Issue to the CQF Program

This November, we are not the only ones celebrating the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) program's remarkable 20-year journey. Wilmott magazine has joined us to commemorate this significant milestone by dedicating their November 2023 issue to the CQF program. 

This issue includes insightful research papers from our faculty; a candid interview with Dr. Randeep Gug, Managing Director of the CQF and CQF Institute, that explores the 20-year evolution of the program; and a sneak peek into the CQF Institute's mission to educate and grow the quantitative finance community through a wide range of initiatives and events. However, what truly captures the essence of the CQF program is the individual success of our alumni, and the magazine is adorned with narratives of senior members of our alumni community who have carved notable paths in the finance industry. Their interviews, highlighting their career paths, advice for new professionals, and the role of CQF in their respective journeys, embody the transformative power of the CQF.

Read a snippet of the magazine

Wilmott magazine has kindly allowed us to share the interview with Dr. Randeep Gug and the sneak peak into the CQF Institute’s mission. You can access these at the link here.

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Articles from CQF faculty explore the following topics: 

  • ‘A Quick Trip to the Risk-Neutral Planet’ by Dr. Paul Wilmott
  • ‘A Singular Gamma Variance Expansion’ by Dr. Peter Jaeckel
  • ‘Euler vs. Milstein’ by Dr. Riaz Ahmad
  • ‘Bond Futures: Delivery Option with Term Structure Modelling’ by Dr. Marc Henrard
  • ‘Risk-Sensitive Investment Management: A Guide for Quants’ by Prof. Sébastien Lleo
  • ‘God’s Money’ by Dr. Espen Gaarder Haug


These two decades have been an incredible journey of constant learning, evolution, and growth. This coverage by Wilmott magazine pays tribute to this journey and all the people who have been part of it. This celebration is not just about looking back, but also looking forward. As we cherish our past, we are equally excited about our future. Equipped with the knowledge we've gained and the partnerships we've built, we will continue to aim to push boundaries, inspire learners, and leave lasting impressions in the world of quantitative finance.


On behalf of our entire community, we'd like to express our gratitude to Wilmott magazine for their eloquent celebration of our 20-year journey. We encourage our alumni, delegates, potential delegates, and quantitative finance fans to get their hands on this special edition - it's more than just a magazine feature, it's a keepsake for a milestone worth cherishing. 

About Wilmott

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Paul Wilmott, Wilmott is the leading resource for the quant finance community, comprised of a website, discussion forum, and Wilmott magazine. The magazine is released bi-monthly and features innovative research and articles from leading figures in the industry.

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