Stay at the top of your game throughout your career

The Lifelong Learning library, available at no extra cost to alumni, let's you keep pace with the latest thinking in quant finance and machine learning, even after you earn the CQF. This rich, online resource is ever-expanding with new videos on hot industry issues, all delivered by eminent practitioners and globally recognized experts. 

Key facts

Over 900 hours of extra lectures delivered by expert speakers

10 subject areas on all conceivable finance topics

2 formats: lectures and masterclasses

Latest CQF curriculum

24-hour access to Lifelong Learning on the CQF portal

Lectures on every quant finance topic


Masterclasses on crucial subjects

  • Deep dive into specific subjects
  • Over 100 hours of rich material
  • Delivered by experts such as Dr. Paul Wilmott, Dr. Claudio Albanese, Dr. Wim Schoutens


Intense coverage of mathematical methods 

  • Intensive 51-lecture program
  • Covers mathematical methods applicable to real-world problems
  • Equivalent to more than the first two years of a mathematics degree course


Programming essentials for quant finance 

  • Hundreds of hours of lecture on a variety of technical and programming techniques - all distilled down to what today's market practitioners need to know
  • Critical to a role as a modern quant in a top-tier investment bank
  • Covers the theory of design and translating pricing models into working Python, C++ and other code