A number of scholarships are available to assist with the support of tuition fees for select delegates. Candidates wishing to apply for a scholarship will need to be able to demonstrate why they will benefit from taking the CQF and why they should be worthy recipients of the discounted tuition.

Scholarship Application Procedure

Delegates will be notified of their eligibility for any scholarship with application response letter.

Please find further details of the available scholarships below:

Wilmott Scholarship

Delegates are eligible to apply for the Wilmott scholarship if they are either:
a) Unemployed, or
b) Currently a full-time student

The Wilmott Scholarship gives successful applicants a 30% reduction in their course fees.

Documentation Required:

1. The completed Wilmott Scholarship application form

2. An up to date CV
3. A signed reference letter confirming that you are currently unemployed* OR
4. A signed letter from your university/college confirming that you are a full time student and your intended graduation date

* please note that your referee should be a member of a professional body (lawyer/doctor/accountant) and will have known you for at least 2 years. The letter should be on headed paper.


We appreciate that the CQF is a significant investment for self-financed delegates and direct delegates to the following means of support. For more information please contact a member of the sales team.

Please contact the CQF Admissions Team for Further Details.