Learn from world-renowned experts 

Our lectures are delivered by some of the most eminent practitioners and academics in the field of finance, including Dr. Paul Wilmott, Dr. Peter Jaeckel, Dr. Espen Gaarder Haug and Dr. Sebastien Lleo. To delve deeper into specific subjects, we also offer masterclasses from experts such as Dr. Claudio Albanese and Dr. Wim Schoutens. Together, this forms a truly exciting opportunity to learn at the highest levels.


Dr. Paul Wilmott Dr. Paul Wilmott

Quantitative Finance

CQF Founder

Randeep Gug Dr. Randeep Gug

CQF Managing Director

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Dr. Riaz Ahmad

Mathematical and computational Finance

CQF Course Director

Dr. Miquel Noguer Alonso Dr. Miquel Noguer Alonso

Machine Learning

Daniel Bloch Dr. Daniel Bloch

Machine Learning

Dr. Richard Vladimir Diamond Dr. Richard Vladimir Diamond

Volatility Modeling

Dr. Espen Gaarder Haug Dr. Espen Gaarder Haug

Option Pricing/Derivatives

Jon Gregory Dr. Jon Gregory

Counterparty Risk

Marc Henrard Dr. Marc Henrard

Fixed Income

Claus Huber Dr. Claus Huber

Machine Learning

Dr. Peter Jaeckel Dr. Peter Jaeckel

Quantitative Modeling

Jessica James Dr. Jessica James

FX Derivatives

Dr. Sébastien Professor Sébastien Lleo

Portfolio Management

Dr. Panos Parpas Dr. Panos Parpas

Data Science/ Machine Learning

Dr. Alonso Peña Dr. Alonso Peña

Quantum Computing

Dr. Steve Phelps Dr. Steve Phelps

Machine Learning

Kannan Singaravelu Kannan Singaravelu

Python/Data Science

Professor Stephen Taylor Professor Stephen Taylor

Asset Pricing/Volatility Models

Dr. Si-Yi Zhou Dr. Si-Yi Zhou

Credit Risk