Supporting you every step of the way

A key element to the continued success of the CQF is our focus on support. Starting from the Primers right through the CQF Qualification our faculty are there to support you. Whether you need a bit of one-on-one help with the program content, want to talk to someone about your workload or are looking for some advice about where your qualifications could take you, we are committed to your success and provide a range of support throughout your studies.

Ask Questions

Our fully interactive webcasting facility means that whether you are in the classroom or following live online you can ask question, seek clarification and interact with the lecturer to ensure you get the very best learning experience.

One-to-one faculty support

We know that questions often come after lectures when you are trying to solve problems and implement models.  This is why our faculty members are always on hand to answer your questions and guide you.  If you're struggling with a module, you can contact us, and a member of our faculty will be in touch to provide all the one-to-one help you need. 


Join members of faculty online to work through problems and questions relating to the lecture material in a series of optional tutorial sessions that will support your core study.

Python Labs

Develop your Python programming knowledge with weekly, optional Python Labs. Each week learn to implement the models being discussed in the lectures.

Maths Support Drop In Sessions

Join additional live online maths support drop in sessions in the weeks before the program starts and during module one to benefit from extra support from faculty on the maths topics covered in the primer and needed for the program.

Project Workshops

To support you through your final projects, we run workshops for every project to give you guidance on what is required, the best way to approach the problem and generally to point you in the right direction.

Project Supervisor

The project workshops are a great starting point. However, we understand that questions come up. Therefore, each project has a dedicated faculty supervisor to support you.

CQF Forum

Delegates from all over the world complete the CQF program, which makes for great discussions. This is why we have a dedicated forum, only available to delegates, faculty and alumni, to help build a network and foster great collaborations.

Learning Pathway

Our Learning Pathway is designed to guide you through the program, with a core textbook reading list, prep reading list, further reading suggestions and Lifelong Learning lectures.