Quantitative Finance Course Syllabus

CQF program overview

The CQF is split into three essential phases: Preparation (optional primers), the CQF Qualification (modules and advanced electives) and Lifelong Learning (continuous education).

1. Preparation: Optional primers 

Start your journey by taking our optional primers in Mathematics, Python Programming and Finance. Our comprehensive primers along with the one-to-one faculty support we provide, will prepare you for the rigors of the core CQF program, and are immediately available to you upon completing the enrollment process.

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2. CQF Qualification: Modules and electives

The program is comprised of six modules and two advanced electives, which along with three exams and a final project, need to be completed to gain the CQF qualification. Each module covers a different aspect of quant finance and consists of lectures, workshops, tutorials, labs, optional exercises and online discussions.

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3. Lifelong Learning: Continuous education

With more than 900 hours of content, all CQF alumni are given permanent, free access to the Lifelong Learning library so that they can stay competitive throughout their career. The library is added to on a monthly basis with the latest hot topics from the industry and includes lectures, masterclasses, a C++ course, the Certificate in Mathematical Methods and the latest, full CQF program.

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