Quantitative Finance Course Syllabus

CQF program overview

The CQF is split into three essential phases: Preparation (optional primers), the CQF Qualification (modules and electives) and Lifelong Learning (continuous education). You can start your CQF journey in either January or June with two flexible study options - the Full Program or Level I and Level II separately.

1. Preparation: Optional primers 

Start your journey by taking our optional primers in Mathematics, Python Programming and Finance. Our primers along with the one-to-one faculty support we provide, will prepare you for the rigors of the core CQF program, and are immediately available to you upon completing the enrollment process.

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2. CQF Qualification: Modules and electives

The CQF qualification is comprised of six modules and two advanced electives (selected from 14), which along with three exams and a final project, need to be completed to gain the CQF qualification. Each module covers a different aspect of quant finance and consists of lectures, workshops, optional exercises and online discussions.

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3. Lifelong Learning: Continuous education

With more than 900 hours of lectures included in the program at no additional cost, Lifelong Learning gives delegates unlimited access to our continuously-updated library of lectures on every conceivable finance topic. 

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The CQF has been structured into three essential phases: Preparation (optional primers), the CQF Qualification (modules and electives) and Continuous Education (Lifelong Learning)