CQF Alumni benefits

Gaining the prestigious CQF qualification is a great achievement and a passport to a successful career in quant finance, but it doesn’t stop once you have qualified. As CQF alumni, you continue to benefit from all that the CQF has to offer. Through our unique alumni benefits we will keep you up to date with the latest quant techniques and training throughout your careers.

Lifelong Learning - Stay at the forefront of your field

We recognize that quant finance is a rapidly evolving field, this is why providing continuous education for all our alumni is central to the CQF philosophy. Once you have completed the CQF qualification you will get access to our Lifelong Learning library. Currently consisting of over 900 hours of additional online lectures by global experts, we add to this with the latest topics on a monthly basis, ensuring you stay ahead of the field.


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Community - Be part of a global quant alumni community

There are over 9,000 alumni and current delegates in over 90 countries who hold the prestigious CQF qualification. You will join a group of the world's largest and most accomplished quant finance professionals. This opens up a wealth of networking opportunities and enables you to build your profile in the global quant community by participating in our local alumni groups.


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This is a great chance to hear about the latest advances in the industry and meet fellow quant professionals.

Networking – Conferences and Events

The CQF Institute runs regular conferences and events to which alumni are always invited. This helps you stay in touch with alumni and industry professionals across the world. Along with regular talks and conferences, the Institute is a unique focal point for industry issues and a generator for exciting new ideas and practices.


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