Transform your career with the CQF

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The CQF is an essential qualification if you are looking to advance in a quant-related role.  It will equip you with the skills and techniques, including machine learning, to succeed in today’s markets. Whether you’re an experienced quant practitioner or looking to develop new skills, the CQF will prove invaluable to you. 

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A curriculum defined by market needs

The CQF program is designed to meet the practical needs of professionals working in financial markets. Taught by leading practitioners in the field, our curriculum is updated regularly to reflect current industry practices and includes critical topics such as Data Science and Machine Learning. 

Proven results

Over that past 15 years, the largest financial institutions and thousands of professionals globally have chosen the CQF to enhance their quant finance skills.

A fully inclusive program

The program is designed to help you find success today and throughout your career. Your enrollment fee covers all CQF program resources, including the primers, the core program, assessments, final project, an optional distinction exam, one-to-one faculty support, text books, learning materials, access to our Lifelong Learning library and a year's subscription to Wilmott magazine. 

Built around you

Studied part-time and online, the CQF fits around your work and personal schedule. You can stream lectures live or watch them on demand at your convenience. You are afforded reasonable time to submit your projects. 

Invaluable support

Our unique primers in Mathematics, Programming and Finance are available to you at your convenience before the lectures commence, laying the foundational knowledge required at the start of the program. Additionally, we provide one-to-one online tutoring from our renowned lecturers.

Specialize not generalize

Towards the end of the program, you'll choose advanced electives that are geared towards your career goals. That way, you can build your own unique program that will see you master the specialized skills demanded by your chosen path. 

Learning resources for the rest of your career

Our program helps you stay at the forefront of your industry by giving you permanent access to our Lifelong Learning library. This impressive resource has over 850 hours of additional video content, including the latest CQF curriculum, ensuring you will always have access to current techniques used in the industry.