Top Quant Finance Program

Educating the quant finance community

The CQF is awarded by the CQF Institute and delivered by Fitch Learning, a leading global training company.

Part of Fitch Learning, the CQF Institute is the awarding body of the CQF. Promoting the highest standards in practical financial engineering, the Institute provides a platform for educating the global quant finance community by organizing key industry events and delivering online educational resources, keeping its members up to date on the latest industry practices. 

Part of the Fitch Group, Fitch Learning partners with clients to deepen knowledge, develop skills and enhance conduct, delivering positive business outcomes. With centers in established financial hubs including London, New York, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong: we are committed to understanding complex client needs across fast-paced financial markets globally. Our learning solutions encompass expert faculty, e-learning, coaching and blended candidate assessments, improving individual contribution and business performance.