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Photo of alumni Salvatore Stefanelli
Barclays Investment Bank
United Kingdom

I was working at the time for technology consulting in Italy. My end goal was to work in finance as I am now, and I’m sure the CQF played a part in getting me hired in the position I’m currently in. My background is in pure mathematics and I was looking for a program that was more focused on the practical aspect. The CQF gave the deep mathematical knowledge that I was interested in, but also the application to the world of quant finance that I didn’t have any background in at that time.

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The course was helpful because I was able to apply the theoretical knowledge I had before, to the practical problems you encounter in real life. I’m not involved in front office directly, but the CQF covers risk and that’s the part of quant finance I’m working in now. It gives you a broad spectrum of knowledge and you can apply whatever is necessary to your current role.

The Lifelong Learning was very helpful because there isn’t time in six months to cover everything and this library is always growing, there is always something new being published. Once I was looking for a specific topic, I didn’t find it in the library and after six months I found the exact video I was looking for. I would recommend the CQF because there’s a broad spectrum of knowledge they are going to give you with the full spectrum of quant finance from front office pricing, to risk modeling, to back-testing to everything that there is to know.

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