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Eleanna Skouta
Quant Developer

The CQF program was a very efficient way to expand my knowledge on quantitative finance, while working in parallel. It has enabled me to transition from a Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence background into a Quantitative Financial Engineer. In a matter of six months they covered a broad range of topics in derivatives, with in-depth theory but driven by practice. We implemented the models we learnt in theory using Excel. We also tested our knowledge on option pricing and hedging using a trading simulator where we traded against colleagues and other AI traders.


Such an intensive course can only be possible because of the technical expertise of the lecturers, who are leaders in their field. This knowledge could be brought back to the comfort of my own time schedules by accessing the online content. This has proven invaluable, since i can revisit any lecture, or even access an extensive library of archived extra material.

This course has helped me move many steps closer to my goal.

My long-term goal is to understand the quantitative models underpinning the financial industry and apply my knowledge in artificial intelligence to build next generation algorithmic trading solutions. This course has helped me move many steps closer to my goal.

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