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Photo of alumni Lilan Li
Chief Model Risk Quant

I am originally from Shanghai, China. I did part of my bachelors degree in Shanghai and my masters degree in France. My academic background is mainly in computer science and mathematics. That’s part of the reason that I chose CQF among all the alternatives.

When I started working in the City in early 2008 for JP Morgan Credit Derivative business, I naively believed that the graduate program training would be enough to cover all the finance knowledge that I needed. Once I moved on to Exotics trading, I came across so many derivatives products and pricing models that I was not familiar with at all. From that moment, I felt the necessity to spend bit more time in understanding the fundamental concepts, even if I could manage to talk about certain concepts and navigate through the quantitative library code. Nevertheless, that was far from enough for my curiosity!

I needed a more structural learning planning and clear target, and an environment to stimulate my potential and guide me to discover the world of quantitative finance. CQF comes as the best choice as it allows me to keep my day job and most of the financial modelling concept that I have learnt can be directly applied into my day job as well.

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