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Photo of alumni David Brocas
Head Cobalt Trader

I have been working for a global oil company for the last four years. My job is to work with the traders and the originators to price energy contracts. In my daily job I need to understand option pricing and I need to do a lot of modelling which is not what I have previously learned at school. So I felt very quickly the need of getting a degree in quantitative finance. As I am working full time I didn’t want to commit for a two years part time masters and the CQF seemed to be the solution for my needs.

What attracted me first to the CQF was the content of the program; it covers everything I needed to learn. I really liked the mix between the theory and practical exercises and everything I learned during the CQF I could apply it straight away in my day to day job. I am just about to complete the CQF but I can already feel that it has a lot of impact in my daily job. Mainly because I gained a lot of confidence – by understanding the theory I feel much more confident communicating the results to the traders and explain how the models I am using work. 

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