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Yibo Zhang
Full-Time Student

Self-Motivation, Community, Programming, and the CQF

I am the type of person who enjoys being in a fast-paced environment and who is always ready to roll up their sleeves and get things done. I am self-motivated and always looking for new ways to challenge myself. It is for these reasons that I knew I would be able to handle the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF).

I chose to earn the CQF over other programs because of the emphasis it placed on programming, particularly Python. I also liked the way the program looked deeper than just the theoretical application and focused on teaching the implementation of the quant techniques it covered.

The CQF also has a huge alumni network which I was keen to become a part of. I will (hopefully) complete my master’s degree in 2022, and in the future, I would like to study and work in quantitative or investment operation analyst roles. I felt that the CQF could help me achieve these goals.

I found the program via a website search and registered through the CQF’s associate in China, Gaodun Education.

Before I started the program, I was concerned about how the CQF would fit in terms of study time alongside my other university work. However, I found that balancing the two was not challenging. I created a study schedule which I stuck to every day and having something different to focus on outside of my university work increased my motivation.

As the program lectures are streamed live, I watched a lot of the lectures on demand and worked through the program at my own pace.

I think my favorite part of the program was the Machine Learning modules. They were taught in a way that was easy for someone new to these topics to understand and have given me practical skills that will set me apart from peers in the future.

To find out how you could transform your career with the CQF program, please download a brochure or join the next online information session to hear more and ask questions to the CQF Program Director.

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