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Saket Gubba
Quantitative Analyst

CQF is one of the unique courses that bridges the knowledge between practical and theoretical knowledge in the quantitative world.  The course is highly recommended for someone working on a professional career. I have been working in the market risk domain for the past 4 years and needed more academic knowledge to apply in the field.

I was initially planning to apply for a 2-year master's course but that didn't look viable taking multiple aspects of time and cost. CQF, on the other hand, is a pure quant finance course that would provide similar knowledge that can be done in parallel to work. As I stay in India and the classes are held in London, the timings were well suited for the lectures. I usually start watching the live sessions after coming back from work.  The major advantage of the course are the recorded sessions. These recordings are very helpful if you miss the lecture or if you want to revise the subject.

The lecturers in the course are highly qualified with proper field knowledge where they can leverage the experience into teaching. Questions if any are cleared on the go during the live broadcast. In case of additional doubts post-lecture, the lecturers are always available on email. The course curriculum is frequently updated to include the latest market requirements and the alumni are also eligible to learn through lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is one aspect that would keep alumni updated with the latest information as well. In the recent discussions with my counterparts, the knowledge gained in the course has turned to be very helpful in understanding the concepts of the model is a more detailed way. The knowledge could have been gained over a long period of time but the knowledge that I have currently attained through CQF is superior to the one gaining it at a later point in time. 

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