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Photo of alumni Masaki Takahashi
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The CQF was very useful in a sense that I could efficiently grasp the big picture of math finance. My background was mostly purely mathematical and I already had big interest in math finance before I started the CQF. However, it was not so easy to study it alone just by reading textbooks and using the limited amount of time while I was not working. CQF solved this problem and with the well-organized structure of the whole program and with each lecture, I could easily follow where it was going and accumulate my knowledge step by step. Lecturers also helped me learn the material as they always answered my questions through e-mails in a timely manner. 

Due to the broad horizon of the program, I could learn not only fixed income models as my specialty, but also other models such as credit derivatives to know the similarity and difference of them to deepen my understanding. I have no doubt that what I learned here will be useful in my future career.

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