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Photo of alumni David Wilson
Deutsche Bank

Before joining the program I spoke to a few quants that I know to see if they thought it would be useful for me. All of them said that it is a well-structured way of making sure I had covered all of the basic knowledge and a widely recognized qualification. The CQF was the most appropriate course for me to take in my situation. I am at an early stage in my career, have completed a PhD and am looking for a broad practical knowledge of finance. 

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Obviously Paul is a very proficient orator and his lectures are always enjoyable. Guest speakers from the industry have also been invited so we get the benefit of a wide range of experience. The core lecturers are very approachable and go out of their way to make themselves available whenever I have any questions.

It is also useful to have all of the lecture material available on the internet, including annotated notes and videos of the lectures.

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