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Craig Wheeler

The CQF appealed to me because of the flexibility, as it is a shorter course and it appears more mathematically focused and applicable to areas I wanted to work in. The fact I could study while working was fantastic.

The Lifelong Learning is an excellent feature of the CQF. Even though I finished the CQF a year ago, I still receive monthly emails inviting me to extra lectures and various other alumni events.

The mathematics in the CQF is very practical and you can apply in directly to your job role in many cases. A lot of the people you work with on the programme are also in the industry itself and you get many networking events and advice, speaking with other people which is a real benefit of the course.

To find out how you could transform your career with the CQF program, please download a brochure or join the next online information session to hear more and ask questions to the CQF Program Director.

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