Program Structure


  • 1. Program Preparation

    3 optional primers in Mathematics, Python and Finance in preparation of the CQF core modules.                                          

  • 2. Program Modules

    Examined CQF designation, 6 modules delivered over 6 months or in two levels.                                                            

  • 3. Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong learning content included, delivered by leading practitioners for full program and Level II delegates and CQF alumni.


1. Program Preparation

3 Optional Primers VBA Introduction

Mathematics Primer for Quantitative Finance

  • Covers mathematical preliminaries needed before commencing the CQF designation
  • Designed to refresh mathematics skills

Introduction to Python Primer

  • Designed to introduce Scientific Computing in Python
  • Presents the Python language in a scientific framework to enable users to begin writing numerical code

Finance Primer

  • Introduces key concepts and different asset classes needed for the CQF Program
  • Refreshes skills for industry professionals and for those looking to move into the financial sector

Visual Basics for Applications

  • Basic VBA through to more complex features of VBA using Windows Excel
  • Supports the Mathematics Primer in preparing for the CQF designation
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2. Program Modules

Full Program Level I & Level II

The examined part of the CQF program comprises 6 modules which will need to be completed to gain the CQF qualification. Each module covers a different aspect of quantitative finance and consists of lectures, workshops and discussions.You can start the program in either January or June.

1. Building Blocks of Quantitative Finance
2. Quantitative Risk & Return
3. Equities & Currencies
4. Fixed Income
5. Credit Products & Risk
6. Big Data and Machine Learning
Advanced Electives

Full Program (six modules in six months)
The program can be taken in full by completing the six modules in six months. This options provides you with immediate access to all of the materials you will need throughout the program and Lifelong Learning.

Level I & II (six modules in two three-month levels)
The program can also be completed in two levels with each level comprising three modules, completed over a duration of three months per level.

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3. Lifelong Learning

Continued Professional Education No Additional Cost

Lifelong Learning is not compulsory or examined and is included in the cost of the CQF. Its designed to provide quantitative education for the rest of your career.

This element of the program is available to Level II and Full program delegates and CQF alumni.

  • Library of over 600 hours of lectures on every conceivable finance topic
  • Includes 1 and 2 day Masterclasses, Certificate in Mathematical Methods, C++ and Java
  • Delivered by some of the most eminent practitioners and academics
  • Regularly expanding up to date content
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