CPD Accreditation

Continuing your professional development

At the CQF, we firmly believe that career-long learning is essential for career-long success.

As the financial markets evolve, there is increasing pressure on professionals to keep their skills competitive. That’s why the CQF program focuses on teaching the cutting-edge quantitative finance and machine learning techniques used by practitioners in today’s financial markets.

All six modules and advanced electives on the CQF qualification have also been CPD accredited, enabling delegates to gain essential quant skills and earn continued professional development points along the way. 

CQF delegates can earn at least 240 CPD points on the program*.

Claiming your CPD points

It is an individual’s decision as to how much time / points / credits they claim from any program to their CPD portfolio. The same training could have a different CPD value for each individual, depending on prior knowledge or experience.  

When thinking about how many points an individual can claim from any training, individuals need to think in terms of one CPD point per CPD hour. A CPD hour is the time spent for an individual in ‘active learning’. CQF delegates can use the time they spent in a lecture, tutorial, or Lab (minus any time for breaks) as an indication of the eligible CPD hours / points.

It is important that individuals keep accurate, up-to-date records within their CPD portfolio to reflect their own personal progress over time. 

*Applicable for CQF delegates that studied from the June 2021 cohort onwards.