Pre-Course Preparation

The Mathematics Primer and the Visual Basics for Applications are courses specifically designed to prepare delegates for the CQF examined program. The six month intensive program requires delegates to know and be comfortable with the mathematical topics covered.

Mathematics Primer

The CQF program begins with the Mathematics Primer, 12 hours of intensive training covering all the mathematical preliminaries you need to know before commencing the CQF lectures. The Primer has been designed for the vast majority of delegates who need to refresh their math skills before the start the CQF. This course is available as a recording once a deposit payment has been made.

This program covers the following:

• Functions and limits
• Differentiation and integration
• Complex numbers
• Functions of several variables

Differential Equations:
• First order equations
• Second and higher order equations  

Linear Algebra:
• Matrices and vectors
• Systems of linear equations
• Eigenvalues and eigenvectors  

• Probability Distribution Function
• Cumulative Distribution
• Expectation Algebra
• Key Discrete and Continuous Distributions including the Normal Distribution
• Central Limit Theorem

• General Summary Statistics
• Maximum Likelihood Estimator
• Regression and Correlation

Visual Basics for Applications

This course starts with basic VBA and works up to the more complex features of VBA using Windows Excel. This simple programming language is a powerful component of Excel and is used across all major investment banks. While prior experience in VBA is not a requirement of the CQF, delegates will use Excel and VBA in class. These lectures support the Mathematics Primer in preparing for the CQF.