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Mukund Javeri
Deutsche Bank

Once I entered investment banking, after about five years of work experience, I could see that a stronger background in quant finance would be useful. That's when I decided to take a seat on the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) program.

The first thing I liked about the CQF was that it taught me how to assess a wide range of quantitative concepts, but did not require me to have an engineering background – we picked up the necessary skills and concepts during the studies. After the Primer, we had wonderful sessions with the faculty members who shared industry experiences and practical examples of quantitative finance problems. The pricing and interest rate modeling resonated a lot with me and for my final project I focused on understanding how to structure a mathematical problem, how to visualize the process, and how to use tools like Python to solve them. The whole CQF experience, from studying the course material to implementing the concepts we learned in the program to our final projects helped build a solid foundation for my future work. 

Read more about Mukund Javeri's career journey in his CQF alumni story, 'From Accounting to Risk Management', here.

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